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Kevin Daniel Speak Timpe by (Hardcover) Concerns and Contingencies Connections Theism and Will Libre 71099baam7424-Sports et loisirs

Concerns both about the nature of free will and about the credibility of theistic belief and commitment have long preoccupied philosophers. In addition there can be no denying that the history of philosophical inquiry into these two issues has been dynamic and at least to some degree integrated. In a great many cases classical treatments of one have influenced classical treatments of the other-and in a variety of ways. Without pretending to be able to trace all the historical integrations of these treatments there is no real question that these philosophical interrelations exist and are worthy of further exploration. In addition contemporary discussions contain more than a few hints of suspicion that theistic belief is adversely affecting the purity of inquiry into contours of human free will. Nevertheless until now there has been no volume systematically exploring the relationship between religious beliefs and various accounts of free will in the contemporary domain. With a particular eye on how the former might be-either legitimately or illegitimately-affecting the latter this collection fills an important gap in the current debate. Here sixteen leading philosophers focus their attention on a crucial point of intellectual intersection with surprising and illuminating results.